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Anna Vasilevskaya
Email: anna@vasilevsky.com
Phone: 425-985-2503

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Arts for Hearts, Inc.
Education and Entertainment Company of Anna and Dmitry Vasilevsky

Arts for Hearts, Inc. is a company that promotes various arts through education, public and private performances, fundraisers, and other art-related activities. We support the on-going local youth projects, involving professional musicians and dancers, and travelling artists. Occasionally Arts for Hearts, Inc. offers other services, such as concert organization, video and sound recording, sound engineering, and photography.

Educational Programs

  • Bossanova and Jazz Standards
  • World Music
    Songs in Russian, Hebrew and over ten other languages
  • Russian Romani music and dance
  • Classical Russian romance and folk

Master of Ceremonies
  • Weddings, Anniversaries
  • Dance competitions
  • Kids parties, Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs

Songwriting & Poetry
Original songs and translations. Russian bard song festivals. Commissioned work.

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