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Most traditional music schools for younger children focus on technical aspects of playing an instrument. Due to complexity, advanced subjects such as music theory are taught only in colleges, but they are essential for proper understanding and appreciation of classical music. Brainin Method makes it possible for little kids to feel and grasp complex concepts via simple musical ideas. Challenging analysis becomes a fun game! Students enjoy classes in Brainin Method music school whether they are taking traditional music lessons or not. Brainin Method helped many students achieve their professional goals in music. Those who decide to pursue careers other than music will still carry deep appreciation and advanced knowledge of this art form throughout their lives.

Brainin Method schools have been opened in Russia, Germany, Italy and other countries. Arts for Hearts, Inc. is proud to open the first school in the United States that offers Brianin Method classes. More information is available on Valeri Brainin web site.

The English version of this program is available upon request.

Contact Anna Vasilevskaya by phone: 425-985-2503 or by email: anna@vasilevsky.com for more information.