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During the summer the classes are taught on
Saturdays 11:00 - 12:00 until September 8
Feel free to walk-in, registration is not reqiured.
Contact Anna Vasilevskaya by phone 425-985-2503 or by email anna@vasilevsky.com for more information.
 Musical Geography

 These fun and exciting classes are offerred during the summer only.  Let us embark on a journey around the world, where we explore different countries and continents, and learn the songs in various languages, such as Chinese, Hindi, Italian, etc. To help us undersand the meaning we learn them with the English and Russian translation. Join our group for dancing, and play a great variety of musical instruments, such as tambourines, castanets, maracas, finger cymbals and more. This program proved to be interesting to children and grown ups alike, so everyone is welcome! Recommended for children age 3.5-8 years old.

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