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We are offering two theater programs: 1, 2, 3 - Act! and Theater Performance Group. Not sure which one to choose?

  1, 2, 3 - Act! Theater Performance Group
Acting level No prior experience needed, training is provided in a form of a game. Mandatory formal training is provided in class. This training is a prerequisite for the play participation.
Group goal Have fun while playing "Theater", learn basic acting skills Work with the group of young and grown up actors to create a play
Commitment One quarter commitment is required. Children are asked to come on time, on regular basis to help develop various theatrical skills. One academic year commitment is required. Actors are required to be on time, at every session. Absence may lead to disqualification from the program.
Parent participation Parents, you are encouraged to participate in our acting games to serve as models for your young children. Your readiness and enthusiasm are much needed and appreciated! Theatrical play is a complex undertaking, we need all the help we can get from the parents. In the process we become one team, where all members are involved. If you know how to paint, saw, sew, cook, put on makeup, etc. please let us know, and help us create the next amazing show.
Costs About $150 per semester. Starting from $220 per semester + various fees to cover costumes, food, additional rehearsals, etc.
Age 3.5 - 10 years old 11 years and older