(Our beautiful poster was created by young artist Anna Makovski and graphic designer Alexandra Iorik)

General Information

Dear friends,
We are cordially inviting you to attend the Student Summer Recital, Exhibition and Fundraiser on July 16, 2023.
The address is 21820 NE 56th Street, Redmond, WA 98053.
The event is planned during the hours of 3 pm - 9 pm.
The program will include performances by students of Anna Vasilevskaya (guitar, choir, band), Violetta Wilson (piano), Helena Krimsky (violin), Olga Melnik (piano), Galina Kalyuzhina (piano), Natalya Ageyeva (piano), Heather Marie Rehwald (violin, viola), Valentin Lysenko (bandura), Marina Belenky (vocal and piano), Rob Flax (violin), Andrey Zasypkin (drums), Larisa Ilkevich (accordion), and some special guests.
Children will have the opportunity to watch their friends perform, as well as make some Ukrainian-themed crafts with our volunteers.
The event will take place outside on the grass lawn, under the tents. Light snacks and drinks will be provided for donations. Picnics are okay, pets are not allowed.
Additionally, there will be an exhibition of artwork by students of Yevgeniy Zolotsev.
This event is free to the public, however we ask that you consider donating to Ukraine relief efforts that will be presented at our event.
Please contact Anna Vasilevskaya with any comments or questions at anna@vasilevsky.com
Thank you for your support!

Recital Program

2:55 - 3:00 Fundraiser speech
3:00 - 3:30 Anna Vasilevskaya (guitar students)
3:30 - 3:40 Violetta Wilson (piano and cello students)
3:40 - 3:45 Helena Krimsky (violin student)
accompanied by Daria Prasolova
3:45 - 3:55 Olga Melnik (piano students)
3:55 - 4:20 Galina Kalyuzhina (piano students)
4:20 - 5:00 Heather Marie Rehwald (violin and viola students)
accompanied by Daria Prasolova
5:00 - 5:05 Fundraiser speech
5:05 - 5:35 Vyunok Ukrainian program (band and choir)
5:35 - 6:05 Olga Okhapkina (games on lawn)
6:05 - 6:15 Anna Vasilevskaya (guitar student)
6:15 - 7:15 Marina Belenky (vocal and piano students)
accompanied by Daria Prasolova
7:15 - 8:00 Vyunok American program (band and vocals)
8:00 - 9:00 Julia Koyfman (vocal)

Fundraiser information

Dear friends,

Arts for Hearts studio welcomes you to our Summer Recital! The program includes performances by students of local music teachers as well as independent artists and art exhibition. Our mission at Arts for Hearts has always been promoting arts and culture through education, public and private performances, fundraisers, and other art-related activities.

With the current tragic events in Ukraine, we encourage you to support victims of this conflict directly and via Ukrainian relieve funds and organizations of your choice. Some of them are represented at the event by posters and donation boxes. Some organizations are able to accept electronic transfers via credit cards, Pay Pal, Venmo etc. Others, especially smaller ones, will only be able to accept cash.

We have a station where volunteers can guide you through the process of making donations. All funds will be going directly to organizations of your choice – please do NOT write checks to Arts for Heats. We ask that you put a note in a memo "July 16 Student Recital" for your electronic payments, and report your donation amount to our volunteers - this will help us determine the total amount raised at our specific event. We will report the total amount donated after the event so that we all can feel involved!

Please read the details about each fund/organization below and consider making your donation!

Thank you for your support!

Paul Marczynski Helping Ukrainian Refugees Nearly 6 million refugees crossed the border, most of them women and children. Out of those, more than 1.5 million of them have been accepted into Poland, where I'm sure you're aware I have many ties. Seeing this tragedy, I knew my family and I needed to help. We, in conjunction with some family friends, are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of these families. Here are just a few ways we are taking action:
We have rented two homes near Warsaw (the capital of Poland) to house the women and children who have been forced to flee their country. We are ensuring the children are able to continue their schooling so that they retain an ounce of normalcy while their lives are turned upside down.
We are providing basic necessities such as food, clothes, beds, and more. In addition, we are offering support to help people restart their lives while this tragedy continues, assisting them in finding jobs and a community.
In Warsaw I'm working with the Open Dialogue Foundation and specifically with Agata Dziopa who personally established Homes For Mothers. I continue to support those efforts.
I also support another group in the city of Lodz, which houses over 30 people and provides professional psychological support for the Ukrainian children to treat the PTSD.


Local Volunteer Tanya Zayka Tanya Zayka has been delivering direct help to women and children affected by the Russian was in Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. Very active and trusted in Seattle community, Tanya has support of those who seek to donate to direct projects to support internally misplaced refugees within Ukraine. With Tanya's help, families receive clothing, food, hygene items, as well as support of various project for the children. Tanya helped organize art and sports programs for refugee children in Ukraine, to help them express their emotions through art, and to keep strong mental and physical health through sports.

At the fundraiser today, you'll find art and crafts made by women and children who Tanya helps. 100% of the funds raised today will go back to Ukraine, to help support those who have suffered from the Russian invasion.

PayPal: Malish123@hotmail.com
Venmo: @Tanya-Zayka
Zelle: 4252605459

Map and Parking

Please use Redmond-Fall City road to approach the event grounds from the South. Approach from the North, although shown on the map, does not exist.

You will be greated by parking volunteers upon arrival. Please follow their direction. An approximate parking map is shown here.